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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this week, look. >> i want to hear a good drum roll because i have a good feeling about this one. fans, make some noise. [drum roll] [cheers] >> nothing but net. wow. father of seven teaches high school. coaches hoops himself. he will use the money to cover the cost of his wife's chemo for a rare form of cancer. before we go team's top five things of the day marshmallow peach launching a facebook survey to find out how folks like to eat the easter goodies in honor of anniversary. mayo clinic study finds more folks are likely to lose weight in there is an incentive to win cash or a chance to loads-i lose it dow hit a record close fourth day this week as the government reported the unemployment rate fell by two ticks: funeral service for hugo chavez. former al qaeda spokesman
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usama bin laden's son-in-law pleaded not guilty today to terrorist charges in a courthouse just blocks from the old world trade center. and that's the "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1971, the boxing legend mohammed ali took on heavyweight champ joe frazier for the first time in what became known as the fight of the century. both men stepped into the ring undefeated. for ali's first bought in three and a half years. it came with enormous hype for the day. but by the 8th round frazier held a huge lead and handed a last round blow knocking the people's champ to the canvas. smoking joe won by unanimous decision and kept his title. he and ali would fight ups twice more in their careers. ali won both of those. the heavyweight rivals first duped it out 42 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, march the 8th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. i will see you monday from rome.
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as they begin to pick a pope, the team and i have heading out tomorrow hope you have a great weekend. the factor coming up. right about now. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> let me just say that upon review we have concluded that we will not give her this award. >> new disturbing evidence that an egyptian woman who was about to be honored by the state department is one of the biggest anti-semites around. we'll have the latest on this very troubling situation. >> stocks are holding on to record levels. >> the stock market is up, up, up; despite budget chaos in washington. should would he be prepared for a financial crash? lou dobbs will be here to tell us. >> this guy didn't rob a liquor store. is he a spokesman close to the people who killed over 2900 americans. >> and why is obama administration trying usama bin laden's son-in-law?
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a high threat terrorist suspect in a u.s. court? we'll debate it. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. and the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. filibuster envy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's been fascinating to see the reaction to senator rand paul's filibuster of the john brennan nomination. with the principled persuasive argument with the use of drones on american soil, he drew support from people across the political spectrum from jon stewart to mitch mcconnell, from the aclu, to ted cruise, his filibuster made for some strange bed follows. but, of course, not everybody was happy. is that snarkers calling
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paul's stance weird and crazy. but what's surprising is that two g.o.p. senators lindsey graham and john mccain launched their own drone strike against paul. >> we have done, i think, a disservice to a lot of americans by making them believe that somehow they are in danger from their government. they are not. i don't think what happened yesterday is helpful to the american people. what we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those critics who say that the rules of the senate are being abused. i hope that my colleagues on this side of the aisle will take that into consideration. >> to take this debate into the absurd is what i object to. >> laura: now, don't get me wrong. they have the right to disagree with paul and the majority of g.o.p. senators who stood with him.
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but, given that the filibuster lasted 13 hours, why didn't either of them have the moxxy to debate their colleague face to face on the senate floor? what were they afraid of? presumably they could have done so either before or after their dinner with the president. were they jealous that a junior senator dominated the headlines and managed to galvanize left and right? are they worried that they are becoming increasingly irrelevant as younger more conservative senators step forward to heal and reenergize a demoralized g.o.p. base? or, do they really favor giving pretty much unlimited power to the president to order targeted killings as long as we say that we are at war with al qaeda? if it's the latter, i think rand paul would be happy to have that debate face to face any day of the week. if anyone is on the fringe here, it's mccain and graham. both men made a big mistake with their drive-by hits on rand paul.
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it is all but certain that senator graham will face a serious primary challenger in 2014. and i bet his first campaign commercial will go something like this. i stood with rand, while senator graham dianeed with obama. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. a huge embarrassment for the state department. as we told you last night, it decided to defer honoring smyrna ibrahim an egyptian woman's right activists after her anti-american and anti-semitic tweets were uncovered. today they took it a step further. >> yesterday, you said you deferred the award. it's now that you have rescinded the award? >> we never presented it. we have decided that we will not present it. >> ever? >> for what reasons? >> correct. >> what turned up in the review that made you make this decision? >> i'm not going to get into details beyond saying that we didn't consider some the public statements that she had made
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appropriate. they didn't comport with our values. >> laura: as it turns out ms. ibrahim who initially claimed her twitter account had been hacked wrote this yesterday after the controversy surfaced. quote: i refuse to apologize to the zionist lobby in america regarding my previous anti-zionist statements. also this week, secretary of state john kerry announced the u.s. is giving $250 million worth of taxpayer money to egypt's muslim brotherhood a government with anti-semitic history. so what is is going on here joining me now from l.a. is mark hanna, a former aid to secretary of state john kerry. good to see you, marc. first of all, what is going on with this smyrna eastbound bra him issue. she was noted in "time" magazine 100 most influential people issue. and the essay about her was written by share lease theron and o'reilly speculated last night that that was good enough for
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the state department when it was reviewing its list of possible candidates to be honored. what's your take? >> right. no, there is no doubt whatsoever that ms. ibrahim is remarkably effective activist in pro-democracy proponent in egypt. she was, as you know, laura, subjected to some of these virginity tests that happened. she ended up suing the leadership of the egyptian government and became sort of a star that way. here is the thing we have toker are. in this part of the world you can be anti-dictator and pro-democracy and still hold very reprehensible --ws and be deeply big bigoted and anti-semitic. >> are you making excuses for the state department's pathetic due diligence. >> no i'm not. difficult questions will be asked in the state department how he made it this far. >> laura: mark, mark, mark. this sem bare wassing. this is what i don't get. republicans will have no problem calling out, i think at least lately,
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republicans who just blow it. because it helps -- it actually helps the party. the state department just finished with this benghazi deal, okay? where we don't really know what happened but that thing was not handled right, obviously. >> but, laura, do you think the state department. >> laura: this is a smaller issue but, nevertheless do a google search. i mean, facebook her. i mean, come on. >> once this new evidence did come to light and once they were presented with these tweets and saw that she had said these reprehensible things, don't you agree that the state department did the right thing. >> laura: of course. but why did we get here? they only did because bill kristol came up with the information. this is our state department. one would think they are a little more professional and thorough than what they have shown us here. look, it's not your deal. this is what they did. to me, this just seems like really, really slipshod stuff here. let's go on in this egyptian muslim brotherhood funding situation.
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>> sure. >> laura: $250 million not that much when you think of overall budget but nevertheless when we see military tuition assistance programs in the united states being cut, $250 million given the history of anti-semitism on museum brotherhood web sites and comments by morsey himself who is is the president. >> right, on one hand you could say we are bound to these obligations by the camp david accords in 1979 and the peace treaty that existed between egypt and israel. the fact of the matter is we need to be taking these commitments of foreign aid very seriously and whether this is in our smart and strategic national interest. now, i happen to think that as much as mohammed morsi has said some pretty heinous things and is deeply flawed leader of egypt, having a strong and secure egypt is within america's national security interests and, look, we give $2 billion a year to pakistan. we give $3 billion -- >> laura: exactly. >> we give money based not on whether or not we agree with the leaders of a certain foreign country but whether in our strategic
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interest. >> laura: i hear you. boy, we are seeing major cut backs here in the united states and i think people are going to start questioning this foreign aid a lot more closely. mark, we appreciate you your joining us. thanks so much. next on the run down a far left group claims that the number of far right militant groups is on the rise in america is that true? we're going to have a special investigation and, later, stock markets flying high but should americans be preparing for a major crash? dobbs has the story up ahead. both tylenol and bayer advanced aspirin are proven to be effective pain relievers. tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain. bayer advanced aspirin blocks pain at the site. try the power of bayer advanced aspirin. try the power new griddle-melts to youre usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich. it's an epic breakfast sandwich.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, according to the southern poverty law center, antigovernment patriot groups on the american rad radical right reached all time high in 2012. and the movement is going increasingly militant. but a closer look at the group's research suggests that their report should be taken with a grain of salt. joining me now from san diego to explain it is bob haimer, is he a former fbi
5:15 pm
agent and author of the book the last undercover and with me here in washington bob dain a spokesman for the federation of american immigration reform which was named a hate group by the southern poverty law center. first of all mr. dain, i have known you for quite a long time. and yet you're branded a hater by the southern poverty law center which i think has the being legitimate organization that safeguards civil rights. so what y'all do wrong? >> absolutely nothing. look, southern poverty law center masquerades as a civil rights group. they are a far left political attack machine. they would label a ham and cheese sandwich as extremist threat if it helped juice their fund raising. and fundraising is the name of the game and they're very very effective at it. some the older viewers may
5:16 pm
remember the era of mccarthy. one man with no checks and balances labeled groups as communists, some were, most weren't. not just one man. a group, well-founded operation a judge and jury impose a sentence and the sentence is. this that you are to be barred. >> laura: intimidate you. >> barred from the public policy. if we disagree with you politically. >> laura: in other words, if you believe in border enforcement you are against amnesty. you are traditional catholic you might be of another denomination. party of a tea party organization which brings me to you mr. haimer. this seems to be a rank effort to shut down debate in the united states and to dominate political discourse and demonize good people who just happen to have a different point of view. what have you found in your examination of the southern poverty law center? >> well, i haven't specifically looked at that organization, although i'm familiar with it i have seen real hatred in my 26
5:17 pm
years as an fbi agent. as you recall, laura. ininfiltrateed ambla one of its members killed a 10-year-old boy. several of its members actually paid me with the idea of having sex, anal sex with 11-year-old boys. this is hate. i have seen the aryan brotherhood. i worked with them when they were hired by the mob to do extortion work. i worked black street gang. i have seen real violence. >> laura: you have seen it, that's the point. from what you are hearing is border enforcement group. other groups like the family research council that obviously believes in traditional marriage believes in strengthening families. those are not the types of hate groups that are a r. traditionally branded as such. and capable of heinous acts. >> no, it's not -- they are not hate groups. they are passionate about defending their positions. all of which are legal.
5:18 pm
there is more emphasis. >> for now. >> yes. there is more emphasis in terms of criminality with the occupy wall street than there was with the tea party movement they trash property. rape going on inside the occupy camps. they had theft and burglary. violent stuff you notice how that wasn't the source of much investigation. >> any violent organization ought to be condemned. but what makes the southern poverty law center's practices so odious is that they will take a legitimate organization like fare. we have been advocating the mainstream public interest on immigration reform for 30 years. family research council. they will take two groups like this with whom they disagree with politically and lump them together with truly despicable groups and aryans and aryan nation and skin heads. >> laura: trying to shut down your funding and run you out of business. that's what they want. they do not want to debate you on the issue. that's my view. >> look, they have an agenda. one is to stir the pot to
5:19 pm
create their own fundraising and b to shut down the debate to the extent that they have affected fare or any of the groups. we roll with the punches. >> laura: it's or wellian. you think of the hate that is routinely directed toward catholics and other organizations because they happen to believe in traditional outlook. somehow they are haters, they are terrible people. they shouldn't be allowed to have a presence in any type of after school activity. these are horrible people. and. >> make no mistake there is a legal definition for what a hate crime is. hate group is concoction of the politically left sovereign poverty law center. >> laura: debate. >> shut down the debate. i will maintain that until my last day. they do not want to talk. they don't want to debate. thank you so much. lou dobbs on the soaring stock market and whether it can really last and then is eric holder endangering americans by putting usama bin laden'sson on trial for terrorism here on u.s. soil? we're coming right back with those reports. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
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two hot topics whether americans should be bracing for stock market crash. looming debate on how to tackle looming national debt. here is nancy pelosi's latest spin on how to cut spending. >> tax cuts are spending. tax expenditures they are called. subsidy did is for big oil. breaks to send jobs overseas. breaks for corporate jets. they are called tax expenditures. spending money on tax breaks. and that's a spending that we must curtail as well.
5:24 pm
>> laura: can you following that tax cuts are spending? explain what the house minority leader is talking about. fox business anchor lou dobbs. can you see him, of course, week nights on fbn at 7:00 p.m. lou, i have heard a lot of nutty things over the years from our friends on capitol hill. but that's one of the most creative ways of justifying more government spending and higher taxes. >> and i will bet. >> laura: explain it? >> sizeable things of those crazy things emanated from minority leader pelosi when she was the speaker. you know, laura, the fact is tax expenditures are part of what the president wants to deal with here at some point in some bargain. but, the truth of the matter is it amounts to such a pittance that if they want that, you know, personally, i have no issue whatsoever if they at the present time to eliminate what they are calling the subsidies for big oil. just get rid of it. it's not about big oil. it is actually a depletion allowance for smaller
5:25 pm
exploration companies. this isn't about exxon mobile or chevron. it's about the much smaller companies that drill. so, at least the left should get their facts straight. that would be helpful and give them all sorts of credibility that they could squander in other ways. factura: lou, but the is, our corporate tax rate no matter what you want to say about subsidies for corporations. our corporate tax rate is still the highest of any country in the world. 4 o% or something. >> i know, you know, the stated rate is the highest in the world. but the effective rate, that is what corporations actually pay, averages about 17%. that is not owner onerous. that is not horrible. corporations have been paying taxes in this country for a very long time. i get the lobbying game. there is no one more pro-capitalism. pro-free enterprise capitalism than me. the fact of the matter is i'm all about the facts.
5:26 pm
and corporate america, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, come on. let's be honest about what's going on here. they want to reduce it. they want to improve their margins and that's understandable. this is reality. >> laura: if we raise taxes on businesses we will lose jobs. that's act fall. we need jobs desperately which brings me to the jobs report. i know the white house was touting the fact that unemployment dropped to 7.7 today. we added 236,000 new jobs. >> 236. >> laura: labor participation rate tell us about that. >> 63.5% all time low and it reflects an economy right now in transition in my view. that is we saw 300,000 more people leave the labor force. we are also at the same time looking at unemployment rate that dropped us 7.7%. that's the best it's been or ties what the best has been since this president took office. secondly it is real job
5:27 pm
creation in my opinion. as i look at these numbers, looking at construction. private sector. services sector. we are -- we are turning what appears to me to be turning right now. this looks like confirmation of a real recovery. housing without question is improving. it's up just about 10% year on year and these are good things. i don't think that there has to be an ideological or partisan view about what is improvement. i think we ought hale that. the real unemployment rate if you will, including discouraged workers and those giving up is 14.3%. this is nothing -- there is no reason here. >> laura: lou, the things i focus on a lot. you are right. you shouldn't poo poo good numbers. that's the wrong thing to do. credit where credit is due. the bottom line is there is still stagnating income. people feel like they don't have the purchasing power that they had five years ago. that's hurting and that's giving people enormous anxiety about the future regardless of whether, you know, month to month we
5:28 pm
have slight improvements in the unemployment rate. finally, lou, we're almost out of time. what about the stock market? you know, some of us just happened jumped in in the last month. we didn't buy anymore. is it too late? >> laura, as i have been advising bill and his audience here for along time. it's a time to be in this market. we still have low multiple on these -- on this market. are they right now getting a little higher? yes, they are. but there are a lot of good things happening, including earnings that continue to grow, corporate america is in pretty good shape. finding good companies doing good business is a way to make good money still. when we see the federal reserve back away from quantitative easing, when we see interest rates begin to move higher, that's a signal for far more conservative behavior. >> laura: all right, lou. thanks so much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. some anti-teen pregnancy ads are upsetting the left. we're going it talk to one critic.
5:29 pm
also ahead, more on the division in the g.o.p. over the drone debate. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. rgy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:33 pm
say this stigmatizes teen moms saying taxpayer money is better spent on teen access to birth control. and now, we have a writer and we have the founder of team mom new york city, a blog for teen mothers, both take issue with the campaign. ladies, this is a fascinating topic because i see what planned parenthood is saying but we will start with you, gloria, you are a teen mother? >> yes, i had my daughter at 15. >> how does this make you feel when you see this picture of the kid who looks, i guess, like he is having a bad day? shamed? >> yes, i feel both stigmatized and shamed. i also have had other teen mothers contacts me and tell me that although they are in school and they are working hard on defining the types, the ads make
5:34 pm
them feel they should give up because new york city is telling them their child will not graduate from school and they should give up. >> i have to say, gloria, i salute you, it is amazing that you decided to keep your child and you doing the best you can do. a lot of other people, maybe with not enough information or enough choices would just go to the abortion, get that done, or something worse so i salute the fact you made that decision. i really do respect it. >> now, you have a problem because you believe it shames young women. tell us. >>guest: in addition to the problem of how condescending the ads are treating young mothers as though they cannot tell the difference between a doll and a baby it is bad policy. you are discouraging teen moms to seeking services they need when we are already cutting the
5:35 pm
services across the country. it also is not going to help people not to have children they don't want. the facts are wrong. it is not that unplanned pregnancy cause poverty but the other way around. it is distracting. we can fight poverty and provide next ed. >> i have a view that we should have a real conversation, an honest conversation, with all the facts about what teen promiscuity does to both boys and girl teens, young men and young women and the cbc, not a political organization, of course, centers for disease control, they came out with a study, and ten million new std's each year ages 15 to 24. 20 million overall but half are for young people. now, you can shake your head but
5:36 pm
do you think teen promiscuity is something we should encourage or something we should discourage as a society. >>guest: whatever we decide today will not have any effect. look, whether you like it or not teens are having sex and all of the studies from the government and independent groups show new york's sex education is not increasing or decreasing the number of sexually active teens but it is decreasing unsafe sex. >> first, the centers for disease control report doesn't indicate that at all. i would say to you and you can chime in on this, gloria, we have all sorts of psa campaigns of the horror of texting and driving and not everyone who texts gets in an accident but we discourage that behavior because we think overall it is not good for society. you are saying you can do those psa's, there is shame involved in that, but you can't talk to
5:37 pm
people frankly about the effects of promiscuity for young women. i celebrate what gloria did, she kept her child, i think it is to be lauded. everyone has made mistakes and she decided to have her child. that is amazing. it is quite different if they say, it is good to have more teens having sex and some of those are obviously going to end up in pregnancies. gloria, last word? >>guest: i think we need comprehensive sex education across the board. when teens have more information, accurate information, about how to say "no" and how to identify relationships. teens right now think relationships and sex are the same and they are not. we need to work on teaching them how to identify a sound healthy relationship and give them information. >> gloria, you think teens don't have enough action set to sexual education or sexual information?
5:38 pm
when have they ever had more access to that education? >> it is made made to them in school or at home, parents are not talking to their kids about sex and schools do not talk about comprehensive sex education. >> i appreciate you both joining us, it is a topic am sure well continue to address. >> do terrorists belong in the united states court system and they are charging osama bin laden's son in new york city in the court system. ♪
5:39 pm
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>> thanks for staying with us, in the unresolved problem segment, trying terrorists on u.s. soil. at a federal court in manhattan, today, just blocks from ground zero, osama bin laden's son-in-law pleaded not guilty to plotting against america. he was a top al qaeda spokesman captured overseas and charged with conspiracy to kill americans but the justice department decision to try him in a united states court is not sitting well with some republicans. >> this guy didn't problem a liquor store. he is a spokesman close to, as you can see, the people who killed over 2,900 americans. now we have our hands on him, why in the world are we treating him as if he is some common
5:43 pm
criminal and why in the world is he not at guantanamo bay being held by us under our terms and conditions as long as it takes to get good intelligence? >> now with reaction from nashville, a republican strategist, and from new york, a democratic strategist. we will start with you, tara, what do you make of the the sheikh mohammed, the administration did an about face and decided to try him as an enemy combatant and a military tribunal but in this case they decided to go right to the federal court and it seemed very strange to me, a strange decision. >> well, first, actually, we should be celebrating the fact this guy was captured by our government. we worked with the government of turkey and the government of jordan do bring him to justice department and this is someone who plotted against our country and who was continuing the plot to kill americans so, first we
5:44 pm
should be lauding the fact our intelligence community, the president, and security officials came together and were able to make this big "get." we have been trying terrorists in this country in civilian courts for three decades so i find it fascinating that everyone is acting as if this is the first time it has happened. the one responsible for 9/11 was tried in control court and the one responsible for the attack bombings of the embassy in africa in 1998 was tried in civilian courts here in the united states. so i find it odd that all of a sudden people are acting as if this is new. >> the blind sheik, of course, was tried in new york, the first trade center bombing attempt there. so, senator graham is worked up about this, wondering why he gets the benefits and protections that exist in the federal court system. what is your take here?
5:45 pm
what is the big deal? >> well, it is a big deal and senator graham is right this is a bad person the i agree. this is a person that plotted to kill members. we know that. he is close to osama bin laden. he is a son-in-law. when you catch these bad guys they go directly to jail and they should go to gitmo and if they want to give him a blind fold and cigarette i am fine with that. >> well, it seems he was, all the tapes he put out and the videos he put out no doubt about his complicity. and now my favorite topic of the week which is what happened with the rand fall filibuster. i did my talking points and it made for strange bedfellows. jon stewart praising rand paul, and the aclu, code pink, and amnesty international, and john mccain and senator graham were the only people, and senator feinstein. what is going on here? >> well, senator graham is in campaign mode when i turn on my
5:46 pm
division all i see is senator graham. he is beyonce or something. i do think that there are a lot of die synaptics at patrol, republicans often, just like democrats, i have to add this, have a tendency not to like people who skip the line. rand paul has basically gone from being an optometrist to a senator and now he wants to run for president and people who have been in the party a long-term, either party, like for people to go --. >> well, barack obama had a short stay in the senate. >> that is why you have been attacking him. >> well, that is an interesting moment, an inflection point in the republican party, the old guard, you can call it the war party movement, more of the george w. bush policy, in perpetual war mode, we have to have the war powers and someone like a rand paul with a sober view of the constitution, and he, by himself, i think he led
5:47 pm
in a way we haven't seen a senator or any political leader on the right lead in some time. >> i would agree with that and there was a certain mr. smith goes to washington with him up there with the real filibuster for 13 hours, talking about an issue we certainly know his father a champion and he kind of put down his bona fides with the paul movement and if you look at this as the prism of someone thinking about running for president it was a pretty good move the. >> you had mcconnell, and john thune and john cornyn, we had a lot of the old guard, also, standing up with him so i thought it was a fascinating moment and he says that john mccain and graham are on the wrong side of history. we will see. great to see you both. we are asking you to vote in our poll, have conservatives actually helped president obama by criticizing him over create stuff? still ahead, what is the obama
5:48 pm
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>> how to be a good leader in the original segment the subject of a new book "earn the right to win how success in any field starts with superior preparation." the coach sat down with bill this week to discuss his book and the current state of football. >> coach, you are known as stern disciplinarian. you remind me of me. >> a throwback, old school. >> what is wrong with that? >> there is a difference in the football player today in 2013
5:52 pm
than when you started 40 years ago. what is the difference? >> at the college level you feel like you can make an impact on young people. but the pro game is different. what has happened over the years if you look prior to free agency when players were drafted they were part of your franchise so they were, their values were different. they knew they would be with you provided they could cut the muster, and that wasn't going to change. when free agency started particularly when the media, as we have seen a all the develop president of the social media, got into the business, these people now come out and they are individualic and many times they have been talked to by their agents and they have been influenced by family. a lost times guys come out as juniors and they are not asthmature as you would like. but there is more and more of that. what hasn't changed? that is the question i throw back at you. if this regard, when you get a good person, a good kid, he wants to be the best he can be,
5:53 pm
and he wants to be coached. >> is it all about money? >> a lot about money. >> nfl stands for "not for long" because the injury rate is so high and they know it coming out of college they know they have to make the money, now. when you are motivated by money, that is different than being motivated by the team. >> that is right. you have to get beyond that. you are constantly struggling to pull the team together, for them to lead those issues outside of the regular season. take care of your business in the off season and when it comes to the regular season, focus as a team on winning. >> take a guy like burris who gets arrested for a gun and put in prison. a big time talent and the giants paid him a lot of money. how does he destroy his life? did you speak to him and tell him, maybe it is not good you take a gun into a disco, that is
5:54 pm
not real good when you making $8 million a year. >> we won a world championship and we are coming back the next year and we are well set to do this again. we are 10-1 when that night comes. okay? and then he gets in trouble, shoots himself and he is gone. we go, we win 13 games and we get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. some people close their ears when you talk about team. it was not easy to get him. >> what is it about a guy like that. is it their background? is that what you are talking about? >> part of it. part of it, they have come along, and people have acquiesced at every phase because they are talented, they are good, maybe they have been indicatorred to in high school, catered to in college, and they feel indestructible, some feel they are above the law. >> when you get into the fabric
5:55 pm
of the game, does the brutality bother you as a person? >> the brutality does bother you with that is an area that obviously is coming to the forefront now with the helmets and the concussion. >> but it is the life you have chosen? >> it is the life we have choicen. it is competitive. it is a violent game. i would say collision sport, if you will. but that is the nature of our business. fortunately, with conditioning and strength development and those things people do protect themselves as well as they possibly can. >> when you have to cut someone, you have to do it, right? >> it is difficult. it is not easy especially when you are preaching the team and you feel like you are surrounded with the right individuals and you find a young man that gives great and works as hard as he possibly can and maybe just is not good enough, that is tough. that is hard. >> the book is "earn the right to win." you have won it. we appreciate that.
5:56 pm
thanks for coming in. >> a reminder, march madness continues on bill o'reilly if you buy the best-selling books you get your choice of mugs absolutely free of charge of the check it out. next, we will talk to the daughter of a former f.b.i. agent who was kidnapped in iran six years ago. don't miss this come peopling report just 60 seconds away. k. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight etamucil faster relief, try duthat can take up to 3 days. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight (music throughout)
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why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai. >> in the back of the book segment tonight. a disturbing situation in iran. former fbi agent bob levinson, a father of seven, traveled to the iranian island of kish six years ago today. his family says he went there as a private investigator looking into a case of cigarette smuggling. he went missing the day after he arrived and his family has not seen him since. the state department demanded an explanation to iran to no
5:58 pm
avail. his family has reason to believe that the iranian government is holding him captive. joining me from new york, one of mr. levinson's daughters. sarah, i know the state department today released a statement, the six year anniversary of your father having gone missing and so far, are you -- are you okay with that the state department's response has been? i know the president himself has not specifically mentioned your father's case by name. >> thank you for having me, first of all. it will never be enough until my father is home with us. it's been six years. he's an american hostage being held in iran and it won't be enough until he's home. >> i can't imagine what your family has gone through. i'm sure there's not a night that goes by or a day that goes by where your aheart doesn't ache for him. yet, so few people know about
5:59 pm
this case. he's the longest american held captive and yet, his name is not known by everyone. what was your father doing in iran? i mean, he was a -- he was a former fbi agent, but he was there as a private citizen. it's cigarette smuggling and seems interesting. >> yes, he was retired from the fbi for the ten years prior to that and he was investigating cigarette smuggling for on behalf of clients. >> that's a dangerous place to go to iran for something as small as cigarette smuggling. the last time he was seen was when? the last point of evidence of where he was? >> march 9th, 2007ment my mother and brother and my aunt actually went back to kish island to retrace thinks steps and they saw his signature signing in the hotel an


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